About the Project

Hope: The Stolen Wish

A Case Study?

The purpose of this project is one of a case study, I guess? I want to develop a project over the course of the month of November as a part of the Tildes Make Something Month (Timasomo), to lead me into further developing an original project. I chose to use The Sword of Hope 2 as the base for the project, as it was something I loved from my childhood; a game I came upon by chance. I loved the story, which was both simplistic and complex, as well as the gameplay was unique. I wanted to show my love for the original game by putting my own twists on it, both in story and in gameplay.

I don't expect to continue working on this past November 30th, and will use this month's worth of experience to continue developing my skills into my own project, unrelated to this game, or any other existing game. I hope you enjoy the journey with me.

If you can, and you enjoy Dungeon Crawler type games with JRPG elements, I recommend picking the game up on Virtual Console, if you can. Maybe, if it gains a resurgence in popularity, it will get an official remake by Kemco.

Timasomo stands for "Tildes Make Something Month."

Thanks for stopping by!