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Hope: The Stolen Wish

Deep below the cold earth lies a mural of a dragon, plunged deep into its scaled breast is Wish, the sentient long sword; the symbol of hope for the kingdom of Riccar. Five years have passed since the Crown Prince Theo defeated the dragon, sealing it deep below the castle with the sword as its jailer.

However, a disturbing spectacle occurred at the site of an ancient mausoleum, invoking a prophecy foretold in ancient times by the progenitor of the Riccar family, long before the kingdom was established:

"An arrow of red pierces the sky, and darkness awakens from eternal sleep."

The spectacle was of a meteor, glowing a bright red, streaking through the skies. It collided with the mausoleum, smashing through the ceiling and burrowing down deep into the crypt's depths. Earthquakes were felt near the ancient site, with smaller quakes rumbling throughout the surrounding cliffs, forests, and castle-town.

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